~ The Pathway To God ~

Always ready with words of comfort,
Always ready with words to cheer,
Always there to help another,
Always a smile when you appear.

Not wanting you to see my sadness,
I hide behind a joke or smile.
Ill help you on the path to Glory,
With a heart thats weeping, all the while.

Id carry all your tears and worries,
Bear them with me, day by day.
And yet, within, my own fears fester.
Why DO I walk down Sorrows Way ?

If I gave it all to Jesus,
As Hes told us all to do.
I could walk the Path of Sunshine,
Side by side, with Him and you.

Wed walk the Glory Road together,
Treading where our Savior trod.
Rejoicing, singing, in the sunlight,
Wending our sweet way to God.

Amy Hollesley 2005

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