~ Peace And Serenity ~

Peace and serenity is what I need now
It's nourishment that's needed for my soul
Depression has reared its ugly head
I need to climb out of this hole.

I've slipped and stumbled a few times
But caught myself before it was too late
Dusted myself off and started again
Though my shoulders were burdened with weight.

The Good Lord has helped me with my struggles
He's carried me when I was weak
He's helped me see the path ahead
Assured me that all was not bleak.

This is what depression does to a human
It makes darkness the only thing you see
You're living in a pit, unable to think
You're drowning in a black sea.

You need to look up and extend your hand
For He is always there
He will breathe life and light back into you
You just need to become aware.

Don't let depression take control
The light will show you the way
The Good Lord doesn't want you to suffer
What's needed is for you to pray.

This is the way to obtain peace and serenity
You'll keep depression from your door
No longer will darkness envelope you
The light in your spirit He will restore.


Chee Chee Martin 2005

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