The rose of peace for a kindred spirit
For we are one of heart
And I know you also feel it....
This oneness of sweet peacefulness,
in the sharing of our secret joys
and fears, finding tender comfort
to dry up all our tears...

In our friendship held together
by a velvet soft like chain, unbreakable,
the unseen links that somehow
bond us, in each thought and pain...
Some hidden intuition
of gentle loving care,
causing us to find ourselves
in everything we share...

The same beliefs to nurture,
yet every difference treasure,
Kindly understand, so that insecurities
along life's pathway, cause us to
reach, to hold each other's hand...
While the everlasting peace, that flows
from God's most tender heart, holds us,
in His love, a love that always can.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems March 2009

When you give it your all, but then comes a fall,
When life gives as it does, but you can't feel the love,
And the tears start to flow, blinding your eyes,
and all hope for tomorrow, shrivels and dies,
God's love will guide you home, My friend
And I will hold your hand.
Yes, I will be here, as much as I can.


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Peace Rose Photo by Derry aka Heartwhispers
Graphics and Set by Spiritisup 2009