~ Peapot Hugz ~

I just know ya feelin' really really tired
After all the merry fun
So here I am a poppin' in
To wave a magic wand

Of lovin' that is.....so all your saddy's
Go away, where all the gloomies
All belong, 'cause after Christmas
The lonelies sorta sneak along
Like a naggin' little pain
Like steady fallin' rain, but today
Lotsa lovin'
Like refreshing showers
is a comin' to whisk it all be gone
Just so
You can find your loverly new year song
Jesus gave you 'n me
to sing along

And the warmest li'l hugz
I also want to send
To say Happy end of year
To the very sweetest friend


Softest peapot whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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