Two Peas In A Poets Pod

We are two peas in a poets pod
Typing words that will never fade
We are destined to touch a heart
With inspiration, a grand crusade

Our Pods include worship, and praises
We write to inspire, it's true!
Sometimes we will write something funny
Get a chuckle from a friend like you

We're happy to be in the Pod
All cozy, and ready to rhyme
Whatever we write will inspire
Words to stand the test of time

Yes, we are two peas in a pod
And poets we are too
So much alike in every way
It's hard to tell who's who!

Sharing our gift is not uncommon
Or sharing a joke, or two
Yes, this pod is quite unique
It houses me, and you!

Debbie Looney  & Chee Chee Martin 2006


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