~ Perfect Peace ~

Dark, dark, may be the night
and fierce the wind may blow,
But safe within my Father's Hand
I'm kept from every foe.

I may not find this blessed peace
in a moment, or a day,
For when I'm struggling to understand
it takes a while to pray.

God's perfect peace will come
when His mind is all we seek,
For to find that secret place
means learning to be meek.

We clamber up the doubting mountain
stumbling as we climb,
Slipping into dark crevices
searching for... but cannot find.

We often question in the turmoil
not resting in God's perfect will,
But when we release our fear...
we hear His peace be still.

There is no peace upon the mountain
where it is treacherous steep,
We only find it, when we rest
within the valley deep.

God leads beside still waters
in pastures that are green,
He guides into His righteous path
when on His staff we lean.


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2003


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