When you are caught behind the door
Struggling to open wide
When you are fumbling to find the key,
for an unknown lock
I am close by your side

When you cannot find the jungle path
To move on from where you've been
I will be your vision,
for I am as I am
All that must be seen

When you are unable to hear the words
Of the song you used to sing
I will become your peace,
your amazing joy
Bubbling up within

When my hand is hiding yet
For you feel that all is dark
It appears that I am so long gone,
and you cannot understand
Won't you trust My heart

When the world seems full of untold noise
Of cacophonic ring
Then hush, be still and find the who I am
where there is none to fear
My presence deep within

For I am perfectly reflected
In all that is divine
I am, though you may not hear Me
the constant law of life
For everything is mine

See me now reflected in the morning dawn
And in the evening dew
Feel Me in the silence, so near
the goodness that is Me
Whispering to you

Though you may not have the eyes
To see Me as I am
Believe and understand, I hold the universe
You are in me, and I in you
I hold, you with My hand

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Christ is the wisdom of God;
and in the knowledge of this Christ
there is wisdom for you.
Not wisdom only, but life,
forgiveness, peace, glory,
and an endless kingdom! Know Him!
Acquaint yourself with Him!
Whatever you are ignorant of,
be not ignorant of Him.
Whatever you overlook, overlook not Him.
To lose Him is to lose your soul, to lose God,
to lose God's favor, to lose God's heaven,
to lose the eternal crown!
Whatever you lose, lose not Him.
To gain Him is to gain eternal life,
to gain a kingdom, to gain everlasting blessedness.
~ Horatius Bonar ~


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