~ Perhaps ~

Is it any wonder that I love you
You are so easy to adore
I find myself just thinking
You were worth waiting for

You came into my life one day
Somewhere upon a page
Just a tiny little spark
That tried to suppress the blaze

Time goes by then not looking
There you were! Surprise
Now I spend time looking
Could I but see your eyes

For eyes do tell the story
Of a woman or a man
You can look deeply within
Some look and understand

I try to stop and close my eyes
To see what is ahead
You are just like the best book
For the ending must be read

I sense a passion brewing
My heart says please come on
My common sense so bravely says
You can't stay here ~ be gone

I feel such sensations
That I've not known for years
I know you'd hold me tenderly
And wipe away the tears

Yet, surely as I write this poem
I know you won't be mine
But the memory still lingers
And it won't be lost in time

Just to know your heart feels too
Just what mine feels as well
One of the little secrets
That you just cannot ever tell

For people would get judgmental
And that's not what we're about
We have a special bonding here
That others would just doubt

I would take as a treasure
Just one night with you
To lay there in your gentle love
It's what I long to do

But it seems that what we want
Is not always what we can do
I close my eyes and somehow
I feel the warmth of you

Perhaps another day somehow
Perhaps another place
We will meet and linger
As we come face to face

A love unchallenged by the best
Because it's you and me
Close your eyes my darling
Can you also see

Our bodies close and yearning
Put out this fire and then
Stay right here so close to me
And we'll journey there again.

Mary Anne Ray 2006
God's Little Whispers

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