~ Petals Of Life ~

Our lives are like a rose
Budding a little each day
Never completely unfolding
Adding petals along the way.

Each petal represents a friendship
Each thorn an obstacle to surmount
And at the end of your life
It will give a total account.

How many petals you have in your bloom
How many thorns that still remain
What matters the most in your life
And what you have attained.

Each day your petals will unfurl
Until your time is at hand
It's then your rose will bloom its fullest
And you will understand.

That some of your petals will fall away
And some of your thorns will wither and die
But the essence and fragrance of your life
Will come together and exemplify.

Each petal and thorn are connected
To a soul striving hard to be
To be able to accomplish its cycle of life
To do its best and bloom beautifully.

Chee Chee Martin 7-11-05


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