Pet Trainer

The Pet Trainer

Chuck's life was in shambles
He'd started to scream
If one more dog barks
He'll fall apart at the seams

Now Betty (my sister)
Heard his desperate plea
She had just the thing
That would set him free

A small blue box she
Held in her hand,
Had blessed relief
That was simply grand

It was a pet trainer that
Was made to please
Just aim at the dog
And gently squeeze

The dogs started barking
And running around
Chuck fell to his knees
Down on the ground

He squeezed the pet trainer
Like the directions said
Those dogs stopped barking
And started shaking their head

They no longer bark
Tho' I can't explain how?
Instead of a bark they now say

sent in by
Betty Hill
Kathy Cross
from true life experience!!


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