'Twas down under here in April
With my darling I did go
For a little camping holiday
Just him and I alone

All in that April evening
Along the beach we strolled
Strolling in the twilight
A tender hand to hold

Before us rose the sunset
All embracing in the west
Golden tinges chestnut copper red
God's glory at it's best

Then as we'd walked quite far enough
We paused just here to rest
And as we turned what wonder
We gasped at God's behest

For there, to our surprised delight
Indulgence for our eyes
Pink, aglow, pink perfection in the east
From beach up to the skies

Pink glass upon the wavelets
Pink flush within the sand
Rosepink to breathe in for our love
As we walked back hand in hand

Soft fairyfloss whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007



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"Oceanfront" by Paul Gentry and Rhesa Siregar
Midi by Elton Smith