Stunned by her beauteous golden vein
Her open brazen face
I gaze across her great expanse
The wonders of His grace
This country steeped in desert heat
Where folk of every race may share
Her fragrant gums of ghostly hue
To shelter every blossom rare

As earth meets earth, great chasms leap
From mountain peak to driest creek
And parrots screech to call us home
As heart to heart we long to meet
To rest at night and gaze the skies
Where haze yet blinds to stars ablaze
Of God's own hand that flung His light
The southern cross His sign to raise

Thus bold, her dawn-rich colour leaps
From 'neath her dust we cry to clear
In prayer for rain to break her drought
To soak the earth and life appear
Through waves of wheat my heart will fly
With wild abandon it will come
The harvest ripe of blessing yet
Where God would have His praises rung

For long I pray my country's soul
Shall rise up from her sandy skirts
To lift their hearts in desperate need
For God to quench the raging thirst
Hold back this fearsome greedy gale
Where sounds the pound of hammering nail
As ocean tides draw wider yet
For God's true Word to never fail

Soft Aussie Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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