~ A Place With God ~

I woke up this morning and what did I see
a beautiful blue sky looking down on me.
I heard the birds singing all around
and I saw spring flowers peeping up thru the ground.

A cool breeze was brushing against my face
how nice it was to be in this beautiful place.
As I sat here alone in this place so fine
I thanked the Lord for making it mine.

A place where I can talk to Him so free
and not have someone trying to stop me.
For the way things are turning out today
you have to be careful when and where you can pray.

But those of us that to Him stay true
if we look hard enough we'll see skies of blue.
And if we keep our eyes looking up above
God will always shower us with His love

DeVota H.Littrell 2006

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Midi is used with permission   2002 Bruce DeBoer