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~ The Plan ~

The plan was so simple,
Though few can see it now.
For few can comprehend
The reason or the how.

God so loved the world
And saw it was in sin;
So He sent His Only Son
As atonement for all men..

And all that we must do
Is with our souls believe
And the greatest gift of all
We can then receive!

It doesn't cost a penny;
It was given out of love;
Paid for by our Savior
By His precious drops of blood!

WE have complicated
This simple, loving plan
With all our earthly desires
In the sinful hearts of men.

We think with earthly treasure
Eternity we can obtain.
Forgetting the One who washed away
All our sins and shame!

So, turn from worldly clutter,
Get back to the simplicity.
Put your trust in Jesus
And find eternity!

All treasures on this earth
That are really true
God, in the beginning,
Lovingly gave to me and you!

The twinkling of a million stars.
The lullaby of rolling sea.
The brilliance of a sunset.
He gave to us for free!

The birds that sing sweet love songs.
Gentle creatures all around.
Treasures of creation
On this earth are found!

It was so in the beginning,
And 'til the end will be,
A loving, gentle plan of God,
Given in simplicity!


Lynn King 2006

~ All glory I give to God! I am but His conduit! ~

John 3:16 (KJV)
For God SO LOVED the world that
he GAVE His Only Begotten Son,
that WHOM SO EVER believeth in Him
should NOT perish,

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