~ Please Be Mine ~

I have to say these words are true.
Like the fragrance in the breeze
From my heart, I love you.
Be mine, would you please?

Lets walk along the river side.
Holding hands, happy as can be.
Letting love, be our only guide.
Two hearts in love, forever free.

Singing songs of a time to come.
Dreaming, dreams as they are true.
Our hearts beating, the same drum.
Never having to feel blue.

Our glimmering smiles so big and bright.
I know I've said those words before.
Like the stars, shining in the night.
Never wanting or asking for more.

So my darling, be my valentine.
It's a day to show how special you are.
Just like the planets as they align.
You'll always be my shooting star!

Diane Lamphere 1/17/2006

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