Poetic Art

Like children playing hopscotch
words jump from page to page
putting thoughts on paper
as muse and pen engage

Soft whispers of an ocean
a gentle lullaby
tapestry of verses
as seen through poets eye

Imagery like magic
within dark shadows dance
ballet cross the pages
in captivating trance

Moonlit skies awaken
the sleepy poets muse
surrenders to the darkness
'oft his thoughts defused

Like winter storms in summer
with bitter, chilling tales
sunsets weep with sorrow
scars paving bloody trails

A serenade for lovers
'tween sheets and dismal skies
life with all its turmoil
love and hate, collide

Between the shades of color
with pen in hand he writes
portraying moods or musings
his words in black and white

Masking pain and heartache
between each hidden line
release of tears or sunshine
play leapfrog with the mind

Holding ones attention
with every verse, each rhyme
to one day be remembered
when the quill runs dry

Rose Marie Streeter 2005


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