~ Poetic Desires ~

Restless thoughts, muse in command
trying hard to understand
what makes the sky turn shades of gray
'n why no sunshine is displayed

Looking deep inside myself
seeking answers that may help
scattered thoughts consume my soul
when I reflect 'pon days of old

The future seems so out of reach
tears on paper blend with ink
questions live inside my heart
where to finish, how to start

Poetic verses are compiled
I smell the roses, wear a smile
yesterday, but a memory
tomorrow's path still mystery

Live each moment, give life a chance
love to laugh, be sure to dance
forget the grief, toss it away
count each Blessing, everyday

Happiness waits inside our soul
it's up to us to find the mold
dripping ink spills from my pen
for those unknown, where I've been

Baby steps, get through each task
forget the pain of darkened past
find a strength, release a sigh
each breath of hope will help survive

Little voices speak to me
in written verse for all to see
nothing lost is ever gained
dark and light are not the same

Flowers bloom in early spring
happy hearts will learn to sing
love thyself, be number one
embrace each day when it is done

The child within comes out to play
gathers up the yesterdays
summer's rain and winter's snow
'cross my mind on tippy-toes

A lover's touch with morning kiss
nighttime magic, moonlight bliss
children's laughter, apron strings
I cling to every hope 'n dream

Sandy beaches, butterflies
on wings of love I learn to fly
Angels, demons cross my path
have felt the sting of Satan's wrath

I make wishes on the starry skies
enjoy the blink of fireflies
loving life, yet ponder death
fond mem'ries held 'gainst my breast

From what I've tasted of desire
feeds my soul 'n fuels the fire
n'er a day 'nor darkened night
are pen and paper from my sight

Emotions pour from heart to pen
ink comes flowing through each vein
a ballet dance in written verse
love of poetry, 'oft times a curse
~ ~ ~
Desire breathes within my soul
thoughts are scribbled, stories told

Rose Marie Streeter © 2006

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