~ The Poet's Muse ~

The poet jots scribbles
in all kinds of ink
some fact, some fiction
where verses run deep

Sunshine and rainbows
dark cloudy days
Angel's in Heaven
their words can portray

Dabbles on paper
a ballet in rhyme
'oft times a mystery
t'ween each single line

An evening in Venus
thoughts set adrift
candles and moonlight
a vampire's kiss

Babies and friendships
tears of lost love
siblings 'n spouses
and those up above

Jotting on canvas
their stories in ink
provoking, inviting
thoughts nearly speak

Drippings 'oft spill
droplets of hate
stories of homeless
murder 'n rape

Poets are different
'n they understand
life and its purpose
to every born man

Words touching others
attracting all sorts
a way of coping
is the writer's resort

The poet may tread
where you dare not go
jotting hard facts
from deep in their soul

Scribbles on paper
all written in verse
ah, the poets mind
is 'oft times a curse

Rose Marie Streeter


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