I attended a wonderful poets retreat.
I was finally able to see and to meet
Some of the lovely writers of poetry I love
And I am thankful to God up above.

Our hosts were so gracious to us all.
We ate, laughed, and cried a little, too.
I know we will want to keep in touch,
We care for each other so very much.

I know that all of us are truly blest.
Cyndi and Kat are the very best.
To them we have all grown close.
Salute to both, you are the "MOST".

So, my lovely friends, I want to say
Thanks for bringing joy into my life each day.
Every one of you is special and has a part
In the place I have made within my heart.

Glenna M. Baugh 4/21/05
Living by Faith
This poem is dedicated to Cyndi,
Kat, Lee and Mary Joe, for
being such wonderful hosts, and
giving us beautiful memories.
May God bless each of you.



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