~ Postpartum Blues ~

I'm a mother now
Got congrats from all my friends
My life will never be the same
As it once has been

It's all downhill from here
At least, that's what they say
Work and work and never get done
And remember, there's no pay

I'm on call, twenty four seven
Sometimes I say "not now"
It makes no difference how I feel
Gotta do it anyhow

I'd like some fun every now and then
No need for feeling blue
I wanted this kid for a long, long time
But it ain't like a dream come true

I can't give up, can't slow down
My job is never done
I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself
And the worst is yet to come

I won't get fired and I can't quit
This job will never end
So I'll keep doing the best I can
Being the best Mom that I can

Yolanda Cohen 2005

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