Pot Of Gold

Me thinks I will pay a visit today,
to the forest of green,
where leprechauns play.

I shall surely find me a fairy or two,
in the forests so dense,
where wishes come true.

I'll quietly search high and low,
climbing trees on the bough,
examining bushes on tiptoe.

A flash of light come and gone,
have I reached my goal,
or was it only a phenomenon.

I heard a crackling voice and laugh,
a strange little man appeared,
warning in a manner so gaff.

"Catch me if you can,
I know where the crock of gold is hid.
you'll never find it, it's not for man.

We hid the crock from view,
so the likes of people like you,
will finally leave, I say adieu."

"Aha!" I said to the little man,
Run, for I surely shall catch you,
for I have a winning plan."

Through the forests and vale,
uphill and downhill, I ran,
Panting, exhausted saw a swale.

Laid down as the little man,
laughing and pointing at me,
"So what happened to your plan?"

He disappeared and left me alone,
I felt great disappointment,
for my plan had blown.

Pulling the grass in defeat,
finding a 4 leaf clover in hand,
smiling, now that was neat!

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 3/6/07


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