~ The Potter's Wheel ~ 

The finished product
was smooth,
Its colors
rusty beige.
The sunlight shining
beamed on the vase,
Stunning as it caught
center stage.
Workmanship evident
though by hands unseen.
A brilliant work of art
fit for a Queen.

The Master's hands do
mold and shape us,
As a potter bends and
soothes without a fuss.
He knows the Way
as he guides and leads,
Directing, disciplining
as he carefully kneads.
Complaints do come
but we are His sheep,
Corrections, situations
never come cheap.

He knows what He is doing,
because we are the clay,
Dawn begins breaking
as He has His way.
The example of Jesus
Our Savior and friend,
Lights up the darkness
just around the bend.
Slowly the vase
so precious and dear,
Becomes perfected
we are His, that much is clear.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2005

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