~ The Power of The Cross ~

How often we’re deceived,
By the thoughts that come to mind,
That we could earn God’s blessings,
Gain approval, in His eyes.

We strive towards perfection,
In all we say and do,
Forgetting that the Savior,
Shed blood for, not a few.
In obedience, He yielded,
His all to God in love,
He hung upon the Cross,
Shedding pure, life-giving blood.

I believe He said it best,
With His last ounce of breath,
When He said, “It is finished.”
He most surely, passed the test.
Yet it wasn’t truly over,
‘Till He rose in victory;
And He poured out the blood,
Shed to set all man-kind free.

So you see, my dear friend,
We glean no earthly treasure,
Nor can we earn God’s love,
It’s freely given, without measure.

There is power in the blood,
That will set the lost one free.
There is power for each day,
As we make a humble plea.

Set our hearts upon the Savior,
Trust the power of the Cross.
Pride will take a tumble,
We’ll continue the faith walk.

Marie Williams
© 2003 used with permission


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