~ Practice What You Preach ~

Some folks say they love Jesus
But how could one ever know?
By the things they keep doing
They sure don't let it show

Oh yeah, I know they go to church
Put on a religious act
I wonder if Jesus will call their name
One day when He comes back?

It's easy to tell others
The things they should do
Go take a good look in the mirror
Take a good long look at you

I've heard boasting of good works
Saying 'I'm satisfied within'
I wonder what Jesus
would say
If you told that to him?

Some call themselves a Christian
Spending lots of time in church
Talking about the Savior
But never doing His good works

They say 'I know the Bible,
From the front right to the back'
It's really hard to believe this
It hasn't changed the way they act

They know a lot of Scriptures
And even try to teach
But when it's all said and done
Why don't they practice what they preach?

Take a good look at your own life
Not at what others do
Lest the Lord returns for His church
And refuses to take you

Knowing all the Bible Stories
And even though you teach
This world would be a heavenly place
If we all would practice what we preach

Yolanda Cohen 2005


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