~ Prayer And Praise ~

We sing the old songs of glory
That praise our Lord and King
We pray to Him on our knees
When we have need of things

But do we think to pray
When every need is met?
Go down on our knees just to thank Him
Lest we should ever forget,

Our praise is what He longs for
His ear always intent
To the cries of His dear children
While time on their knees is spent

A prayer is never wasted
God keeps them in a vial
The Angels watch over every one
He'll answer them all after a while

Our praise is always received
By the Mighty God of glory
He dwells within each one
So it reads in the gospel story

So as you begin each day
Pray and send praise to Him
If you are faithful in this
Your needs He will always send

He is a faithful God
So we must be faithful to Him
And keep those praises and prayers
Ascending over and over again

Betty Hill 2007

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