~ A Prayer For An American Soldier ~

I pray to God The Father
For you most every day
That you will find your way back to me
Completely whole in every way

I pray for an American Soldier
Who is the dearest one I know
That in the searing desert heat
He remembers how I love him so

He is one of many who fight
for the freedom that we know
I pray to The Heavenly Father, with teardrops in my eyes
Please do not let terror touch him,
No guns or bombs be seen
I know he will not come back the same
Yet, let him come back to me

One prayer for an American Soldier, who is so very brave
Dear Lord, listen to my loving prayer
and help him be strong today
I know you can hear me, though far away You be
I give you all I am, if only You bring him back to me

I pray for all American Soldiers, good and kind in every way
Struggling in a land where life is cheap,
fighting for love of our country USA
May all American Soldiers, be kept within our hearts
Holy Father I pray, give them back to their true love
Weary in body, mind and soul
Take care of them, help them come home from the fire
To once again be whole.

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

For Mathew, his troops and all American Soldiers.
And for the family they left behind.


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