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~ A Prayer To God ~

I pray to you tonight Dear God
Protect my spirit sister friend today,
Thank you for giving me
Someone who understands my heart.
I love her as much as any family that I know
She has a special gift,
I see within my soul.

With her help,
The very best of me can be
She is like a rainbow,
I have hope, knowing that she thinks of me.

I wish I could tell this special friend,
How she brings me into the light,
Her heart is pure and her soul so good
My Blessed Jesus all things are in Your sight.

You have helped me grow,
In hard times when I felt confused
By sending this beautiful friend,
Who knows just how to help me through.

If my mother was alive today,
She would thank her, for taking her place
I have never met her,
Yet I know there is a glow around her face.

I call her whisper of my heart
Because it is such a beautiful name
She is as beautiful as newly falling snow
When I hear a red robin sing,
I see her spirit flame.

I love her as I would a sister
Because to me she is continually.
I say a prayer thanking you, Dear God
My heart soars to the Heaven's
For I know I will be remembered
By my spirit sister, who means so much to me.

Linda Ann Henry 2004
Do you remember me
The people's poet

We will walk together in heaven.


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