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~As Precious As A Rose~

by: O' Puppy

My heart it cries out, yet no one will know
The pain that I hide, it never will show
I sit here alone, this house feels so cold
A lifetime has passed, and I'm growing old

I stood by the test, that my time would tell
The marital thing, with bills straight from hell
A roof for our heads and young mouths to feed
The school, the church, the family need

We managed somehow, to always get by
The harder things were, the harder we tried
We always gave thanks, to our Lord above
For sending to us, His merciful love

Each season would come and gifts would be shared
With family and friends, we so dearly cared
The years raced on by, a decade would end
A loved one would pass, and so would a friend

Our children would grow, the home would divide
A room would empty, a voice would subside
Then suddenly life, would take a fresh face
Of tiny new feet, around this ole place

One blink of an eye, it's over so fast
I'm left holding on, to things in my past
I wonder sometimes, if life was so fair
For leaving me here, in this rocking chair

Then peaceful a voice, is calling my name
Reminders to me, I've played the whole game
Be thankful, not sad, for paths that you chose
Your life was precious, as one single rose

~ Ronnie D. Shreve ~
2003 used with permission


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