~ Precious Legacy ~

Fortunate the child who's raised
With wealth and privilege, laud and praise
Lucky the child whose life is free
From dour, unmet necessities

But blessed is the child whose home
is laid upon the cornerstone
Of a caring father and tender mother
Steadfast in love with one another

Love that stands the test of time
Appreciates the sun that shines
With quiet faith endures the storm
Is the fire that keeps the family warm

But best of all, when love abides
Between a husband and his bride
Bestowed upon their family
Becomes a precious legacy

No greater gift was ever given
No greater gift this side of heaven
Than a caring father, a tender mother
Steadfast in love with one another

Betsyann Wilson 1/30/2005
dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Smith
on their 50th wedding anniversary

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