~ Problems ~

When life seems to get you down,
And nothing goes right at all.
One wrong thing after another,
In your lap just seems to fall.

Stop and think of all the good times,
I hope they out number the bad.
Think of all the love and laughter,
Not the things that make you sad.

Think of the friends in your life,
Who encouraged you along the way.
Think of all your family, now thank God,
Take time to kneel and pray.

No matter how many the burdens,
No matter how heavy your cross,
We all need to stop and be thankful,
And remember not all is a loss.

Material things should not matter,
And life is a God given gift.
So if you see someone in distress,
Stop and give their soul a lift.

Look toward to a brighter tomorrow,
Forget all your problems today.
God has already resolved your problems,
You just had to send them His way.

Lay your problems at the feet of God,
Then turn around and walk away.
Show the Lord that you trust Him,
By believing in Him today !!


Brenda D King
July 2007

Nothing is impossible, when you leave it to God :-)

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