~ Protectress ~

Our Protectress, oh Mary, our mother so dear.
You gave life to God's son, forever us near.
Without your consent, now where would we be?
I tell you the truth, there'd be no hope for me.
Mary was with Christ throughout all of His life,
From Saint Gabriel's announcement, which brought inner strife,
To His birth, His learning, till the end of His life here,
A mother so tender, so special, so dear.

And through all trying times, her love for Him shown,
As His mother, her winning Him souls was well known.
It's one of life's mysteries, as far as that goes,
Why she's purposely shunned, Heaven only knows.
But Christ shant forget; He's so in her debt.
There's been no one more faithful, as her even yet!

Now scripture reveals her roll as our protectress.
For all true Christians, that call upon His forgiveness,
They're all heirs with Him and so, her babes, too.
She's e'er there to guide souls to her precious son, anew.
So ne'er forget, when the beast rears his scary head,
Just call out, "Oh, mother, defend me! His vengeance I dread!"
She'll ALWAYS be your defender, scripture says THAT clear.
Let those who have ears, take heed, do hear.


Diana Norris

Revelation: Ch, 12, verse 17
Then the dragon became angry with the woman and
went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring:
those who keep God's commandments and bear witness



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Image used with written permission
from Kennish Prayer Pages