As Halloween is approaching,
And each child anticipates,
What treats he will get at the next house,
They are eager to see what awaits.

Inside the next house they are ready.
They made each treat special this year.
And inside the house, they hear ďTrick or TreatĒ!
The children wait for someone to appear.

As the door starts to slowly open,
The children are afraid of what theyíll see.
Suddenly, a man dressed as Casper the Ghost,
Jumps out and the kids laugh with glee.

Finally, the anticipated moment arrives.
All eyes watch to see what Casper does.
With a smile on his face, he gives to each child,
A smiling pumpkin filled with Godís love.

He has worked through the day on these treasures.
He wanted everything to be just right.
He filled every pumpkin with candy galore,
To give out on Halloween night.

He wanted to share with the children,
Godís gift straight from Heaven above.
So, they would know it is ok with Jesus,
To have Pumpkins Filled with Godís Love.

When you are a child things are easy.
You just want to have fun everyday.
Itís fun to dress up in costumes,
And see what prizes come your way.

Tonight all the children are happy,
As Casper has made them all grin.
He gave out Pumpkins filled with Godís Love,
And they are delighted with him.

Karen Bunker © October 16, 2006


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