~ Puppy Love ~

What a wonder is sweet puppy love
With us always in our deepest woe,
Only loyal while we weep on
Remaining ever close.
Somehow understanding joy and sorrow
Intrinsically as one,
While we are busy trying to find release
And let the pain be done.

For, there's something very special
About the bonding they will show in grief,
Don't we wonder at their loving touch
How together we can weep.
As sorrows call forth a depth in relationship
Never felt another way,
And while we contemplate the ways of suffering
For what comfort we will pray.

And then how much more we appreciate
Blessings that come our way
If we like a puppy, feel another's pain
Might we never more complain.
They are grateful in innocent joy no matter what
So at rest will they be
How can we like them, accept things as they are
In all the heartache that we see.

Circumstances remain the same
Yet their hearts are free,
How will we find a joyous release like they
Within the limitations that we feel.
Can we too, trust a Master
With such blind devotion of heart,
Believing His abounding care
Is in all He does impart.

A puppy's tender eye of love
Speaks so, of how fragile we also are,
Ever subject to the big world's unknowns
Who can safely keep our tender heart.
Oh, Jesus is our trusted loving master
For He broke the power of fear and death,
We can be secure in Him, just like puppy love
If in His love we rest.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

A puppy doesn't love because he knows about his master
A puppy loves because he knows his master.


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