Love ~n~ Hugs

~ Puppy's Haircut ~

I have a little hairy pup
And hair was everywhere
I took her to the groomer
For some special care

But she misunderstood
What I asked of her
Shaved that little thing
Until she had no fur!

As if that was not enough
She did a little more
Scissor cut her tail
Made it very sore

Now she can't wag her tail
It hurts so very bad
When I tried to help her tho'
It made her OH' so mad

She tried her very best
To get a bite of me
That's not like her at all
She's very loving, you see

It's been a few days now
She can't even stand up right
She frowns at me all day
And licks her wound all night

If she could understand
I'd promise her come spring
She can grow more hair
And shed on everything!

This is not the pup I know
Never growled or barked
But since they made her ugly
An attitude has sparked!

I guess it just might be
That naked feel she's got
Makes her feel embarrassed
Really puts her on the spot

Betty Hill 2005


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~Artwork Painted by Donna~

 Brought to you by 2005