~ The Pup ~
They brought me home and sat me down
There was nothing there to do
So I looked around for a bit
And found a book to chew
"Obedience Book' is what it said
But it wasn't very yummy
Pretty soon I found out too
It's not good for the tummy
My belly growled and I howled
Then I got some attention
So off to the Vet for an exam
The details, I won't mention
He said 'It's gas and it will pass'
And he gave me a little pill
Said, "Never give him a book again,
You know it will make him ill"
We went back home and started again
But I still was very bored
While Mom sat at the computer
 I chewed on the cord
Suddenly came a flash of light
It was pretty frightening
Mom called the Vet again and said
'The pup is passing lightning'!
So now I guess we're on our way
To get another pill
The only thing I've done today
Is chew and make myself ill


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