~Pure Beauty~

As you are, all you are in Jesus
From the peace within your soul
When I feel sad on any day
I have a hand to hold

As you overflow His tender love
Everywhere you go
I can feel His gentle presence
And never walk away alone

As you lift up the perfect One
Giving glory to His name
You are a bridge to help me understand
The reason why He came

As you radiate His joy within
So His life shines from your eyes
I see your face aglow
And I never wonder why

As you be sure of all He says
With truth sent from Himself
When I ask for help of all you know
You have so much to tell

As you shine forth His lasting light
While walking on life's path
When I am feeling lonely
You love me from your heart

Thank you for being my friend


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

We will always be very close on the internet
and in our hearts close to the Lord,
thank you so very much.
You are truly my special friend
and hugs from you are just what the Doctor ordered.

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