~ Pure White Christmas ~

Christmas time was coming
And my Mummy dressed me, oh so warm,
So I wandered into the frosty garden
To see the early dawn.
I shared my toast with a little robin
And chatted about the falling snow,
Then I peeked under my fir tree
And Oh! What would you know...

There, sleeping in my hiding place
Was the sweetest little deer,
So, soft to him, I whispered
I am your friend, please don't fear.
It's special Christmas time
and there's lots and lots of love
I will tell you so much of it
All about our best friend up above.

See this tree that's staying green
That tells us we'll live for always
And its needles go up like hands
Cause that's how my family prays.
There's a star atop our inside tree
Just like the bright one long ago,
It points everyone to Jesus
The Savior that we've got to know.

On each branch we have a candle
Showing us Jesus is the light,
He came down to take away the dark
So we are safe from night.
Hanging on our door is the wreath
That's Jesus hugs all around,
His love goes on forever
And inside His arms is where I'm found.

Do you know the prickly holly leaf?
Well that's the crown He wore,
They pushed it on until there was red
Like the berries that we saw.
So every Christmas, we have presents
To remember the greatest gift of all,
Our lovely Jesus, and wise men came
With gifts, at His feet to fall.

And oh, I love the peppermint candy cane too
It tells us of pure white, with more red and green
And it has a crook just like the shepherds
That hooks us back from where we've been.
Have you seen a pretty angel?
Well, they announced our Jesus' birth,
And said Glory in the highest
Good will and peace on earth.

You must have heard the bells
They ring real loud for all to hear,
To tell us all to come to Jesus
'Cause we forget that He is near.
And that's all I can remember
But, don't you go away,
For now I've told you, it's all so lovely
With us, you'll want to stay

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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