~ Put Christ First ~

It's now the season once again
When we plan on visiting all our kin
We plan to buy gifts for every one
Now the shopping has begun

The great excitement is everywhere
Shoppers filling the streets
The Spirit of Christmas is in the air
Loved ones and friends we greet

Out comes the tree and all the lights
Gathering the ornaments too
Must have it ready for Christmas night
Only perfection now will do

Every thing must be done well
No mistakes to be made
Got to put everything in it's place
It must be a beautiful Christmas day

Now as I behold all the work that I've done
I don't feel so excited anymore
Because in my heart I know
I should have put My Jesus before

Here I am with shame on my face
And regretfully I must admit
I got so caught up in the moment
All the clamor made me forget

It's all about our dear Savior's birth
Not the giving of gifts and 'such'
We must always remember
Put Christ first in all we do, but not just on
Christmas, but all year thru!!

Betty Hill 2006

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