~ Queen Anne's Revenge ~

Black Beard, a wild spirited pirate of old
held thoughts of nothing but gold
as many a sailing vessel he plundered
taking them into his fleet or ran asunder ...

This crusty ole pirate stood many a shipboard
with pistol and heavy hilt sword ...
his own crew with coward's eyes stared
as Black Beard's orders across the bow blared.

Many men, women and children's hearts feared
as he stood with smoke coming from his braided beard!
The ole pirate wore candles lit with a fiery flame
and his black heart felt neither shame nor blame ...

He planned and charted every course
out of fear most of the crew worked by force.
His scruffy ole self had a burning desire ...
The Queen Anne's Revenge he must acquire!

The Queen Anne's Revenge, the pride of the sea
was taken siege and stolen while trying to flee
Ole Black Beard robbed it's bounty and loot,
guarded and laying always near his boots.

But no one ever forgets and wonders yet ...
was a plan by the ole pirate set ...
with knowledge of sea, land and soil ...
was it Black Beard's purpose or foil .. ??

Was it by accident or plan made sound
that the Queen Anne's Revenge was run aground?
People still wonder if from the very start
Did he plan the sinking before taking her apart?

This mystery to this day remains
with little more insight or gain
what can be hoped for or to expect
as answers they seek at the site of the wreck ...

They hunt for her answers still
adventurous men with a mighty will
plunge beneath the sea each day
from ships off Carolina's coastal quays.

It was in an adventurous time realm long ago
but today with wonderment, will we ever know
the ocean's mysterious watery secrets kept
as over the year's, The Queen Anne's Revenge slept?

Barbara LaBarbera
İ 2003 used with permission

You can follow this adventure still
with the archeological team off the coast of N. Carolina.
Click here: The Queens Report March 2003

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