~  Questions And Answers  ~

Tonight I had some burdens
To give God, as I sat outside
I asked, why He never answers me
When I have questions, far & wide

As I sat there in calm evening
Waiting for His words, at will
I heard Him say so softly
"I am God, my child, BE STILL!"

I thought "was this just my imagination,
Or it was me I heard just then?
But it came in a louder whisper
He told me to, "BE STILL" again

I then asked Him to forgive me
For any sins I did commit
Then His answer came much louder
"You've been forgiven, now just sit"

As I thought on what just happened
I felt my burdens melt away
Came in the house, and wondered
Why I never did this before today

If we want to know the answers
To life's matters, while we're here
All we have to do is ask Him
Be still , and listen, and He's near

Debbie Looney 11/2/2006


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