~ Questions And Suggestions II ~


So who is listening to my pleas?
And who has heard my prayers?
Is it Jesus or His Father?
Are they up there, do they care?

Does it matter who I pray to?
Does each one hear what I say?
Why do they allow this to continue?
I've been suffering each and every day?


My suggestion to you, please take heed
You must go through Jesus to be saved
Unburden yourself of turmoil and sin
It's then you won't feel so depraved.

Our Father wants you to recognize His Son
Everything you do and say, they know
The trials and tribulations you are going through
Helps you to see and your soul to grow.


Then as long as I pray to Jesus above
And as long as I have Him in my heart
My trials and tribulations won't be so bad
He'll stay with me and never part?

And when my time is up on earth
He'll welcome me at Heaven's Gate
With open arms and lots of love
Such will be my fate?


Keep Jesus in your heart always
And remember the devil is a snake
Jesus will lift your burdens from you
And He will show you the path to take.

And yes my friend He will greet you
In Heaven is where you'll reside
Showered with love and beauty around
This is what He promised, this He will provide.


I want to thank you for enlightening me
And taking the time to put my mind at ease
I truly understand now and glad I see
I'm grateful to you and hope Jesus is pleased.

Your words of wisdom have touched my heart
These chords I've kept buried deep
You've managed to bring out the faith in me
And I understand now, what I sow, I shall reap.


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