Questions And Suggestions I
Why do I continue to struggle this way?
Why not give up without a fight
Why do I continue to battle the forces?
The forces that have caused my plight.
Why do I continue to even breathe?
Why do I bother to greet each day?
What's the point of me going on?
Why does the sky always seem so gray?
Well listen to me while I set you straight
Hear the words I'm about to speak
Jesus wants you to pay attention
Practice everything He did teach.
Love yourself as you would your fellow man
Your mind, body, and soul, He gave to you
You're unique in every single way
Quit feeling so down and blue.
I hear what you're trying to say to me
But I'm still confused, don't you see
He doesn't seem to be around anymore
Has He forgotten or abandoned me?
So many hardships I've had to endure
So many times I've knelt and prayed
Has He heard anything that I've said?
Will He forgive me because I've strayed?
My dear friend He has not abandoned you
He's heard every one of your pleas
He wants you to know He's by your side
He'll always take care of your needs.
He's heard every word that you've uttered
He's seen everything that you've done
He's forgiven you of all your sins
Because He loves you and He is the Lord's son.

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