~ The Quieting Of A Storm ~

So many storms are raging
While the ocean buffets the land
Clouds are looking ominous
Trials and tribulations for mortal man.

Darkness is enveloping everything
There is no place to hide
Fear is rearing its ugly head
A wave of discontent comes in with the tide.

Birds are dipping and soaring
As the air currents hinder their flight
The sun is gone from the sky
Daylight has turned into night.

Sounds of thunder off in the distance
Booming across the sky
Lightning piercing here and there
Announcing the arrival of something on high.

A blinding light parts the clouds
As a wonderful vision comes into view
Quieting the storm that reached its tempest
This vision has come for me and you.

The ocean's turmoil is now silent
As the wind blows the dark clouds away
Everything has become so quiet
The darkness has turned into day.

This vision of love and beauty
Quells the fiercest of any storm
Silences the fear in our hearts
While everything is transformed.

Delivering the righteous to our Father
Helping the wayward ones to see
Showing them the path they should take
So eventually their souls will be free.

Soon this time will be upon us
Signs are evident everywhere
Lead a simple and righteous life
Show everyone that you care.


Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul


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