It's when your heart is sad n' lonely
You cry unto the Lord
When it feels like love has failed-
He hears your every word

It's when they pass you by
Pursuing something more,
That you need a heavenly Father
To carry you through all

It's when the night is darkest
You lean upon His breast
For there, and there alone
Is where the heart's at rest

It's when the tears are flowing
That He comes with loving arms
To hold you forever,
So close to His heart

It's when the throat is tight
From the aching to belong
He somehow gives your spirit wings
And fills your soul with song

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Lean on the Lord each day
in the faith, that no matter
what....all you need
will always come to you
at just the right time.


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