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Today, I send to you
A rainbow blessing for your heart
For the love of God
To sweetly touch you where you are

A rainbow - special blessing
Of His covenant to keep
God placed it in the sky
To say His promise is complete

That He will always hold you
And keep you safely in His hand
The color of His Spirit
To forever understand

Every shade of His palette
Made to beautify your world
To walk on in the eternal
His wonder to unfurl

Red unveiling you His gift
Orange, the joyous fruit of life
Yellow, the glow of golden Son-shine
Green, the growth within His light

Blue, the heights of heaven above
Indigo, His never-ending depths
Violet, His royal heart
Of love to you He sends.
A rainbow blessing to you of
the promise of His heaven

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems April 2010

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We can only see a little of God's loving
A few rich treasures from His mighty store,
But out there - - far beyond the horizon
There's more, immeasurably more.

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Midi "Somewhere over the rainbow"
2002 by Marjorie Harrell

Painting by Jim Warren Webset by Spiritisup