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~ Rainbow ~

Feelings are just colors
That we all go through
From the brightest of red
To the deepest blue.

Red is when we're angry
The world has turned its back
We feel that we're alone
Left to take up the slack.

Orange for when we're lost
And we don't know where to go
A feeling so indecisive
And our day only so so.

Yellow is our brightest
We can do anything
Scale any mountain
To this life what we bring!

Green is for contentment
A comforting shade
The friends, family, and loved ones.
What a world we have made.

Blue for when life's sad
Maybe the loss of a friend
Who has lived their best
And must see it to its end.

Indigo is in between
The pain will surely cease
And one fine day we will wake
And that's when we'll find peace.

Violet is a calm mood
Nothing will get us down.
We relish in the simple things
The silence and the sound.

Just remember what you feel
From red to yellow to blue
That I love your colors
They are the rainbow that is you!

Twanica Adcock
written 12-16-2003
Dedicated to my Mother
Denise Lanford and all her colors!!!
2004 used with permission

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