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~ Rain Go Away ~

Raindrops dripped down the windows,
splattering on the grassy ground.
Skies of cloudy gray masses,
silently creep all around.
Thundering from up high,
deafened ears so tender,
Lightning streaked the skies,
brightly crackling slender.

Sheets of rain like a veil,
hitting streets scattering drops.
Traffic slow, backing up,
vision obscured, then cars do stop.
Pedestrians run across the street,
umbrellas held up high,
Some not covered, getting wet,
walking fast their feet do fly

Listening, as the rain does pause,
leaving shelter of a store.
Treading way to parking lot,
then it rains some more.
These days of rainy season,
good for grass and seed.
Outdoor pleasures put off for days,
" rain go away" I plead.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006


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