~ Reaching For Your Hand ~

At times when I am weary
'n everything seems wrong
I close my eyes and whisper
Dear Jesus, make me strong

Please help me find the answers
to questions in my heart
take my hand, I'll follow
to make a brand new start

Lead me to the pathway
I ask of you tonight
take away this darkness
show to me Your Light

At times I fall and stumble
'n sometimes lose my way
eyes look upon the Heaven's
'erase these shades of gray'

I've never felt so frightened
please soothe my troubled mind
give me strength, salvation
so I can carry on

Take away the heartache
thats drowning me inside
lift away this sorrow
so bloody tears can dry

Dear Lord, I'm sad and lonely
so turn to You above
hear my heart, soft whispers
cradle me with love

Show me light, in darkness
on bended knee I Pray
all hope is gone for 'morrows
somehow have fell astray

Guide me, Dearest Savior
away from troubled shores
help me cross those bridges
enrich my soul, once more

My heart is slowly breaking
so much is going wrong
hear my cries, soft whispers
please Lord, make me strong

This too shall pass, I'm certain
'tis all within Your plan
I know there is a purpose
just want to understand

Please send your Guardian Angels
enwrap me in their wings
I long to see the sun again
'n feel my spirit sing

Rose Marie Streeter
© 09/25/07

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