~ Reach Out To Me, My Jesus ~

Reach out to me, My Jesus
In You I see, my purity
I love You, My King,
Who kisses me as I sleep
You melt my heart,
You gave me my start,
I will touch Your heart
In everything

Reach out to me, My Jesus
In Your eyes I see Your glory
Come into my soul
Never let me go
You are so good to me
When I see "God's Art", I know
How very much Your love is shown

Reach out to me, My Jesus
When I hear Your voice, I rejoice
You are with me today
In Your spirit, I will always stay
Thank You for creating me
In Your time, I will reach eternity

Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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Midi is used with permission 2002 Bruce DeBoer


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