~ Getting Ready To Ride ~

I see a train that's bound for Glory
Rolling down the track
Right now I'm getting ready
For that train to take me back

To the One who really loves me
I hear Him calling out my name
When I get back home with Him I know
I'll be happy once again

I've made up mind to where I'm going
To the place where I belong
Anywhere I can find the Lord
Folks I know that is my home

I can't stay away any longer
I couldn't, even if I tried
Too many things reminding me here
Of all the salty tears I've cried

I wanna be where I once was with Him
Now I'm looking for my way back
'Cause somewhere in the middle of my life
I took the wrong train and wrong track

Now I see that train is closer
It's time to hop on board
I don't care if it goes east or west
Long as I get back to the Lord

Jesus is the One who really loves me
And I've heard Him calling my name
He said, 'Come to me just as you are;
I will take you back again.'

Yolanda Cohen 2006


When you get off track... remember God was with you
and still is, He knows your troubles, and your victories too,  just pray to get back and the way will be shown to you, in spirit and in truth


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